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Street Children

All Children Have Rights
All Street children are children
All Street Children Have Right to

  • Home & family 
  • Food & shelter 
  • Health care 
  • Protection 
  • Education 
  • To be raised as responsible members of society.

Street CHILDREN are CHILDREN first and Street CHILDREN second.

Why are children living & working on our streets?

  • Most of them are there from NO CHOICE OF THEIR OWN. 
  • Many come from homes where there is physical, sexual & emotional abuse. 
  • They are often from very poor homes where their needs for food, clothing and shelter are not met. 
  • Many take money home once a month or so.

How do children survive on the streets?

They survive by begging, washing cars, parking cars & commercial sex among other things.

What do they need?

They need education, re-habilitation and if possible re-unification with their families. They need to regain confidence in adults and in themselves, so that they can form relationships and lead constructive lives with hope for the future.

When you see a child begging –

1. Do NOT give the child money. This encourages him or her to stay on the street.
2. Try to assess the child's situation: - A young child newly on the street needs protection as soon as possible. A sick child needs immediate help.
3. Contact an organisation that will help children on the street and explain where the child may be found.
4. Find out who are the people concerned with children living & working on the street, in your own area to ask them for help for children you may see and to offer your own help and support.

The Dangers of Life on the Streets for Children

  • hunger 
  • cold 
  • poor sanitation 
  • physical &/or sexual abuse 
  • infections including HIV/AIDS 
  • violence 
  • substance abuse 
  • no education 
  • lack of love and care, emotional abuse 
  • poor self-image and lack of confidence 
  • introduction to crime

What a Waste of Human Potential!